Identify Securely,
Sign Documents Digitally
Your Signature Is
With You Everywhere
Work seamlessly on Windows as well as Mac OSX, Linux, Android and iOS
No More Support Requests
Work without technical problems thanks to the cutting-edge technologies
Single Installation is all Needed
e-Sign all your documents with a single application

Sign, verify, share and archive business documents

Enterprise e-Signature Portal, thanks to the ArkSigner infrastructure, provides you with an extremely comfortable, simple and reliable signing and verification experience.

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    Review and edit documents before and after signing
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    Protects against signature forgery in PDF documents caused by third-party libraries
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    Spend less time in in-house signature processes, and save both cost and time
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    Work seamlessly across web, desktop and mobile devices

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Do you still need to go back to office to sign documents?

Short Signing Time

While you are spending about 40 - 45 seconds to sign via the mobile operator, you can sign between 3 - 6 seconds with Connect2Sign

Certificate Authority

You do not need to obtain another certificate from a mobile operator to sign documents on the go

Smart Infrastructure

Enter PIN code once and sign the documents all at once


Take advantage of our services for your industry effectively. Perform your transactions faster and more securely.


E-Sign without Installing Plugins such as Java, .Net or AKIS


Perform Regulatory


Spend Time on Your Students, Not Your Documents


Spend Time on Your Patients, Not Your Documents

Why Non-Java?

Java has "Zero Day Vulnerabilities" that could be exploited by attackers to gain access to sensitive information. To avoid cyberattacks Java must be kept up to date which wastes time and resources.


32 + K

Large Enterprises

10 + M

End Users

200 +



e-Signature Solutions


Central e-Signing Portal

Fast and Secure e-Signing For Your Desktop, Web and Mobile Applications

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Enterprise e-Signing Portal

Create Workflows for e-Signing Processes

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Review & Sign

Desktop App

Install the app, Sign and Verify on Your Desktop

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e-Signature Gateway

Central e-Signing Service

Batch Sign and Verify Your

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e-Signature Libraries


ArkSigner API

Electronic Signature Library

Sign and Verify Documents in Your Own Applications

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JS Electronic Signature Library

Sign Documents on Client-Side

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ArkSigner CLI

Desktop App

Sign and Verify Documents from Terminal

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Sign Anytime, Anywhere

Sign on all Devices Independently
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Authentication Solutions


Single Sign On

MFA SSO Solution
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e-ID Verification Service

Authenticate Users with e-IDs and Passports
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Frictionless and Smart On-Boarding

LiveAuth Communicator

Video Chat for User Authentication, Support and Sales Cycles