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In order to mitigate identity based frauds and sign business transactions electronically, ArkSigner provides a plug and sign authentication platform which is secure, yet customer friendly.

Two forms of electronic signatures are used in USA, hand-written like electronic signatures and qualified certificates based digital signatures. The use of digital signatures requires USB tokens to be connected to the computers or mobile devices.

Using USB tokens requires configurations on the computers and mobile devices, installation of card reader drivers and the right version of Java framework. This makes it really tough to get digital signatures running easily on end-user computers.

ArkSigner Digital Signature solves these problems by offering platform-independent solutions which works with all browsers and also support mobile devices.

ArkSigner Digital Signature Platform provides installers for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems supporting previous and most recent versions. The solutions are developed in C++ and compiled for each platform separately. Therefore, it does not require you to install Java framework and there is no dependency on the installed Java version.

ArkSigner even provides applications on Android and iOS platforms. You can sign your documents on the go. You do not have to sit in front of you computer to perform signing.

Compliant With Regulations

ArkSigner Digital Signature Solutions comply with ISO, ETSI and eIDAS regulations. Sign your documents in CAdES, PAdES and XAdES format and verify them.

Platform Independent

Authenticate with smartcards and sign documents on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android and iOS platforms with ArkSigner card readers

Secure and Reliable

Tested by more than 1 million users with more than 15 anti-virus software.

Integrates Easily

Using Java, .NET, C++ libraries and Command Line Interface, integrate ArkSigner products to your web, desktop, server and mobile solutions seamlessly and securely.


ArkSigner Client
Serves as a middleware between Web Browsers and smartcards connected to the computers. Provides access to the smartcard readers using PKCS#11 and APDU protocols. No Java or .NET Framework is required.
ArkSigner OnlyJS
A Javascript library to list smartcards, digital signature certificates and perform digital signing of documents without the need of any server side digital signature library
ArkSigner WEB
Use ArkSignerWeb product to digitally sign and verify documents in your web applications in combination with ArkSigner API's to sign CAdES, PAdES and XAdES documents with long time validation.
Provides extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox based on WebExtensions standard utilizing Native Messageging protocol. Eases deployments in proxy based Intranet environments.
ArkSigner API
ArkSigner API provides secure, fast and standards compliant digital signing and verification methods to integrate into your enterprise solutions. Supported formats include CAdES, XAdES and PAdES. Complies with ETSI, RFC and eIDAS standards.
ArkSigner Mobile API
Add digital signing and verification functionality to your mobile applications. Supports Android and iOS environments.


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